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Sunny Murray's Untouchable Factor - Apple Cores

Gravado em New York, EUA, no Blank Tapes Studio, 01/01/1978

1.Apple Cores

2.Past Perfect Tense
3.One Up, One Down
4.New York Maze

Sunny Murray: drums
Frank Foster: soprano sax (tracks 01 to 03)
Oliver Lake: alto sax (track 02)
Jimmy Vass: alto sax (tracks 01, 03)
Don Pullen: piano (tracks 01 to 03)
Monnette Sudler: guitar (tracks 01 to 04)
Cecil McBee: bass (tracks 01 to 03)
Fred Hopkins: bass (track 04)
Hamiet Bluiett: baritone sax (track 04)
Arthur Blythe: alto sax (track 04)
Abdul Zahir Batin: flute, whistles, percussion (track 05)
Youseff Yancy: trumpet, flugelhorn, theremin, various electro-acoustical sound manipulating devices
(tracks 01, 03 to 05)

Sonny Brown: drums (track 05)

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